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Helper Functions for the NHTSA VPIC Vehicle Decoding API

Easily Decode a VIN, Get Vehicle Models by Make, and many more.

Simplify the VPIC API

Does all the heavy lifting for you. Just pass in a VIN and get back a decoded vehicle in JSON format. No query strings, path parameters, or parsing to worry about.

Universal Support

Use it client or server side. Works in Node.js versions > 18 and modern browsers out of the box.

BYOF - Bring Your Own Fetch

Don't want to polyfill fetch in Node versions < 18? Includes an option to bypass fetching and get back a fully built VPIC URL ready to use how you want.

Tree Shaking

Bundled with Vite library mode. Only import what you need, and keep your app size small. Plays nice with bundlers like Webpack and Rollup.


Small package size with no polyfills or dependencies in the final bundle. Only 3 kB minified and gzipped.

TypeScript Support

Get easy type hints and code completion in your IDE. Written with Typescript support top of mind. Includes type definitions for all methods and VPIC responses.

Released under the MIT License.