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Offline VIN Validation

This package exports an offline VIN validation function called isValidVin, that can be used to validate a VIN without making a network request.

Useful if you want to validate a VIN to prevent making an unnecessary request to the API with an invalid VIN that would return no or irrelevant results.

See the isValidVin documentation for more details and explanation of how this function works.


The following demonstrates how to use isValidVin to validate a VIN before making a request to the VPIC API.

The helper funtion isValidVin returns a boolean value of true if the VIN is valid and false if not valid.

If the VIN is invalid, the function will return early and not make the request, instead logging a message to the console that the VIN is invalid.

import { isValidVin, DecodeVinValues } from '@shaggytools/nhtsa-api-wrapper'

const vin = 'WA1A4AFY2J2008189'

async function decodeVin(vin: string) {
  // if the VIN is not valid, return early and log a message to the console
  if (!isValidVin(vin)) {
    console.log('Invalid VIN!')

  return DecodeVinValues(vin)

const response = await decodeVin(vin)


Some other example usage would include:

  • Validating a VIN before storing it in a database.
  • A user enters their VIN into a form input and you want to show an error state if the VIN is invalid.

Released under the MIT License.