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async function DecodeVinValues(
  vin: string,
    | {
        modelYear?: string | number
    | boolean,
  doFetch?: boolean
) => Promise<NhtsaResponse<DecodeVinValuesResults> | string>

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DecodeVinValues decodes a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and returns useful information about the vehicle in in a flat format. This means the endpoint will return an array with a single object of results. Each key in the object is the name of a variable.

Providing params.modelYear allows for the decoding to specifically be done in the current, or older (pre-1980), model year ranges. It is recommended to always provide params.modelYear if the model year is known at the time of decoding, but it is not required.

This endpoint also supports partial VIN decoding (VINs that are less than 17 characters).

  • Ex: "5UXWX7C5*BA"
  • In this case, the VIN will be decoded partially with the available characters
  • In case of partial VINs, a * could be used to indicate the unavailable characters
  • The 9th digit is not necessary


The flat format is more efficient and easier to work with as you won't have to iterate through a bunch of objects just to get all variable names/values.

The variable names and values in the flat format object are equivalent to "Variable" and "Value" keys found in objects returned from nested format endpoints such as DecodeVin and DecodeVinExtended.


NameTypeDefault ValueDescription
vinstringundefinedVehicle Identification Number (full or partial)
params?Object | boolean undefinedObject of query search names and values to append to the URL as a query string.
params.modelYear?string | numberundefinedOptional Model Year search parameter
doFetchbooleantrueWhether to fetch the data or just return the URL (default: true)


Any params that are not listed in the table above will be ignored.

As params is optional, it also has type | boolean, so you can set doFetch without having to pass undefined in place of intentionally undefined params.


Returns a Promise that resolves to a single NhtsaResponse object of type DecodeVinValuesResults in the Results key.

=> Promise<NhtsaResponse<DecodeVinValuesResults>>
interface NhtsaResponse<DecodeVinValuesResults> = {
  Count: number
  Message: string
  Results: Array<DecodeVinValuesResults>
  SearchCriteria: string
🔍 Click to Show Full Example Response
// Using DecodeVinValues('WA1A4AFY2J2008189')
const exampleResponse = {
  Count: 136,
  Message: 'Results returned successfully ...',
  Results: [
      ABS: 'Standard',
      ActiveSafetySysNote: '',
      AdaptiveCruiseControl: '',
      AdaptiveDrivingBeam: '',
      AdaptiveHeadlights: '',
      AdditionalErrorText: '',
      AirBagLocCurtain: 'All Rows',
      AirBagLocFront: '1st Row (Driver and Passenger)',
      AirBagLocKnee: '',
      AirBagLocSeatCushion: '',
      AirBagLocSide: '1st Row (Driver and Passenger)',
      AutoReverseSystem: 'Standard',
      AutomaticPedestrianAlertingSound: '',
      AxleConfiguration: '',
      Axles: '2',
      BasePrice: '54300',
      BatteryA: '',
      BatteryA_to: '',
      BatteryCells: '',
      BatteryInfo: '',
      BatteryKWh: '',
      BatteryKWh_to: '',
      BatteryModules: '',
      BatteryPacks: '',
      BatteryType: '',
      BatteryV: '',
      BatteryV_to: '',
      BedLengthIN: '',
      BedType: '',
      BlindSpotIntervention: '',
      BlindSpotMon: 'Standard',
      BodyCabType: '',
      BodyClass: 'Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV)/Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV)',
      BrakeSystemDesc: '',
      BrakeSystemType: '',
      BusFloorConfigType: 'Not Applicable',
      BusLength: '',
      BusType: 'Not Applicable',
      CAN_AACN: 'Standard',
      CIB: 'Standard',
      CashForClunkers: '',
      ChargerLevel: '',
      ChargerPowerKW: '',
      CoolingType: '',
      CurbWeightLB: '',
      CustomMotorcycleType: 'Not Applicable',
      DaytimeRunningLight: 'Standard',
      DestinationMarket: '',
      DisplacementCC: '3000',
      DisplacementCI: '183.0712322841',
      DisplacementL: '3',
      Doors: '4',
      DriveType: '',
      DriverAssist: '',
      DynamicBrakeSupport: 'Standard',
      EDR: '',
      ESC: 'Standard',
      EVDriveUnit: '',
      ElectrificationLevel: '',
      EngineConfiguration: 'V-Shaped',
      EngineCycles: '',
      EngineCylinders: '6',
      EngineHP: '354',
      EngineHP_to: '',
      EngineKW: '263.9778',
      EngineManufacturer: 'Audi',
      EngineModel: '',
      EntertainmentSystem: '',
      ErrorCode: '0',
      ErrorText: '0 - VIN decoded clean. Check Digit (9th position) is correct',
      ForwardCollisionWarning: 'Standard',
      FuelInjectionType: '',
      FuelTypePrimary: 'Gasoline',
      FuelTypeSecondary: '',
      GCWR: '',
      GCWR_to: '',
      GVWR: 'Class 1D: 5,001 - 6,000 lb (2,268 - 2,722 kg)',
      GVWR_to: '',
      KeylessIgnition: 'Standard',
      LaneCenteringAssistance: '',
      LaneDepartureWarning: '',
      LaneKeepSystem: '',
      LowerBeamHeadlampLightSource: '',
      Make: 'AUDI',
      MakeID: '582',
      Manufacturer: 'AUDI AG',
      ManufacturerId: '1149',
      Model: 'SQ5',
      ModelID: '4052',
      ModelYear: '2018',
      MotorcycleChassisType: 'Not Applicable',
      MotorcycleSuspensionType: 'Not Applicable',
      NCSABodyType: '',
      NCSAMake: '',
      NCSAMapExcApprovedBy: '',
      NCSAMapExcApprovedOn: '',
      NCSAMappingException: '',
      NCSAModel: '',
      NCSANote: '',
      NonLandUse: '',
      Note: '',
      OtherBusInfo: '',
        'Fuel: GASOLINE(50-st.); T.G.: JVGAJ03.0N7F; Emis. std:Bin 70/LEV III ULEV 70',
      OtherMotorcycleInfo: '',
      OtherRestraintSystemInfo: 'Advanced Front Airbags.',
      OtherTrailerInfo: '',
      ParkAssist: 'Standard',
      PedestrianAutomaticEmergencyBraking: '',
      PlantCity: 'SAN JOSE',
      PlantCompanyName: '',
      PlantCountry: 'MEXICO',
      PlantState: 'CHIAPAS',
      PossibleValues: '',
      Pretensioner: '',
      RearAutomaticEmergencyBraking: '',
      RearCrossTrafficAlert: '',
      RearVisibilitySystem: 'Standard',
      SAEAutomationLevel: '',
      SAEAutomationLevel_to: '',
      SeatBeltsAll: 'Manual',
      SeatRows: '2',
      Seats: '5',
      SemiautomaticHeadlampBeamSwitching: 'Standard',
      Series: 'SQ5 quattro Premium Plus',
      Series2: '',
      SteeringLocation: 'Left-Hand Drive (LHD)',
      SuggestedVIN: '',
      TPMS: 'Indirect',
      TopSpeedMPH: '130',
      TrackWidth: '',
      TractionControl: 'Standard',
      TrailerBodyType: 'Not Applicable',
      TrailerLength: '',
      TrailerType: 'Not Applicable',
      TransmissionSpeeds: '',
      TransmissionStyle: 'Automatic',
      Trim: '',
      Trim2: '',
      Turbo: '',
      VIN: 'WA1A4AFY2J2008189',
      ValveTrainDesign: '',
      VehicleDescriptor: 'WA1A4AFY*J2',
      WheelBaseLong: '',
      WheelBaseShort: '111.2',
      WheelBaseType: '',
      WheelSizeFront: '20',
      WheelSizeRear: '20',
      Wheels: '4',
      Windows: '',
  SearchCriteria: 'VIN:WA1A4AFY2J2008189',

If doFetch is set to false

Returns the URL string that can be used to fetch the data, does not fetch the data internally.

=> Promise<string>

// ex: => ''

Type - DecodeVinValuesResults

Ƭ DecodeVinValuesResults: Object

Object returned in the Results array of DecodeVinValues endpoint response.

In the return object, Results will be an array with a single object of type DecodeVinValuesResults.

🔍 Click to Show Type Definition
type DecodeVinValuesResults = {
  ABS: string
  ActiveSafetySysNote: string
  AdaptiveCruiseControl: string
  AdaptiveDrivingBeam: string
  AdaptiveHeadlights: string
  AdditionalErrorText: string
  AirBagLocCurtain: string
  AirBagLocFront: string
  AirBagLocKnee: string
  AirBagLocSeatCushion: string
  AirBagLocSide: string
  AutoReverseSystem: string
  AutomaticPedestrianAlertingSound: string
  AxleConfiguration: string
  Axles: string
  BasePrice: string
  BatteryA: string
  BatteryA_to: string
  BatteryCells: string
  BatteryInfo: string
  BatteryKWh: string
  BatteryKWh_to: string
  BatteryModules: string
  BatteryPacks: string
  BatteryType: string
  BatteryV: string
  BatteryV_to: string
  BedLengthIN: string
  BedType: string
  BlindSpotIntervention: string
  BlindSpotMon: string
  BodyCabType: string
  BodyClass: string
  BrakeSystemDesc: string
  BrakeSystemType: string
  BusFloorConfigType: string
  BusLength: string
  BusType: string
  CAN_AACN: string
  CIB: string
  CashForClunkers: string
  ChargerLevel: string
  ChargerPowerKW: string
  CoolingType: string
  CurbWeightLB: string
  CustomMotorcycleType: string
  DaytimeRunningLight: string
  DestinationMarket: string
  DisplacementCC: string
  DisplacementCI: string
  DisplacementL: string
  Doors: string
  DriveType: string
  DriverAssist: string
  DynamicBrakeSupport: string
  EDR: string
  ESC: string
  EVDriveUnit: string
  ElectrificationLevel: string
  EngineConfiguration: string
  EngineCycles: string
  EngineCylinders: string
  EngineHP: string
  EngineHP_to: string
  EngineKW: string
  EngineManufacturer: string
  EngineModel: string
  EntertainmentSystem: string
  ErrorCode: string
  ErrorText: string
  ForwardCollisionWarning: string
  FuelInjectionType: string
  FuelTypePrimary: string
  FuelTypeSecondary: string
  GCWR: string
  GCWR_to: string
  GVWR: string
  GVWR_to: string
  KeylessIgnition: string
  LaneCenteringAssistance: string
  LaneDepartureWarning: string
  LaneKeepSystem: string
  LowerBeamHeadlampLightSource: string
  Make: string
  MakeID: string
  Manufacturer: string
  ManufacturerId: string
  Model: string
  ModelID: string
  ModelYear: string
  MotorcycleChassisType: string
  MotorcycleSuspensionType: string
  NCSABodyType: string
  NCSAMake: string
  NCSAMapExcApprovedBy: string
  NCSAMapExcApprovedOn: string
  NCSAMappingException: string
  NCSAModel: string
  NCSANote: string
  NonLandUse: string
  Note: string
  OtherBusInfo: string
  OtherEngineInfo: string
  OtherMotorcycleInfo: string
  OtherRestraintSystemInfo: string
  OtherTrailerInfo: string
  ParkAssist: string
  PedestrianAutomaticEmergencyBraking: string
  PlantCity: string
  PlantCompanyName: string
  PlantCountry: string
  PlantState: string
  PossibleValues: string
  Pretensioner: string
  RearAutomaticEmergencyBraking: string
  RearCrossTrafficAlert: string
  RearVisibilitySystem: string
  SAEAutomationLevel: string
  SAEAutomationLevel_to: string
  SeatBeltsAll: string
  SeatRows: string
  Seats: string
  SemiautomaticHeadlampBeamSwitching: string
  Series: string
  Series2: string
  SteeringLocation: string
  SuggestedVIN: string
  TPMS: string
  TopSpeedMPH: string
  TrackWidth: string
  TractionControl: string
  TrailerBodyType: string
  TrailerLength: string
  TrailerType: string
  TransmissionSpeeds: string
  TransmissionStyle: string
  Trim: string
  Trim2: string
  Turbo: string
  VIN: string
  ValveTrainDesign: string
  VehicleDescriptor: string
  VehicleType: string
  WheelBaseLong: string
  WheelBaseShort: string
  WheelBaseType: string
  WheelSizeFront: string
  WheelSizeRear: string
  Wheels: string
  Windows: string


Examples 1-3:

  • Fetches data from VPIC API

  • Returns:

=> Promise<NhtsaResponse<DecodeVinValuesResults>>

Example 1: Decode VIN

import { DecodeVinValues } from '@shaggytools/nhtsa-api-wrapper'

const response = await DecodeVinValues('WA1A4AFY2J2008189')

Example 2: Decode VIN with optional Model Year

import { DecodeVinValues } from '@shaggytools/nhtsa-api-wrapper'

const response = await DecodeVinValues('WA1A4AFY2J2008189', { modelYear: 2018 })

Example 3: Decode Partial VIN

import { DecodeVinValues } from '@shaggytools/nhtsa-api-wrapper'

const response = await DecodeVinValues('5UXWX7C5*BA')

Examples 4-5:

=> Promise<string>

Example 4: Decode VIN and doFetch = false

import { DecodeVinValues } from '@shaggytools/nhtsa-api-wrapper'

const url = await DecodeVinValues('WA1A4AFY2J2008189', false)

// url = ''

Example 5: Decode VIN with optional Model Year and doFetch = false

import { DecodeVinValues } from '@shaggytools/nhtsa-api-wrapper'

const url = await DecodeVinValues(
  { modelYear: 2018 },

// url = ''

Released under the MIT License.