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isValidVin Utility Function

const isValidVin: (vin: string) => boolean

Provides offline validation of Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) using the VIN Check Algorithm to validate the VIN.

isValidVin returns a boolean value of true if the VIN is valid, or false if it is not.

For an interactive view of how the VIN digit is calculated see the VPIC Check Digit Calculator page.


You can see implementation of the VIN Check Algorithm in the source code for isValidVin.


import { isValidVin } from '@shaggytools/nhtsa-api-wrapper'

const isValid = isValidVin('WA1A4AFY2J2008189') // true

If you need to test that the function works, you can use 17 ones 11111111111111111 as a valid VIN.

Straight-ones (seventeen consecutive '1's) will suffice the check-digit algorithm. This is because a value of one, multiplied against 89 (sum of weights), is still 89. And 89 % 11 is 1, the check digit. This is an easy way to test a vin-check algorithm.

const isValidStraightOnes = isValidVin('11111111111111111') // true


See the Offline VIN Validation page for examples.

Released under the MIT License.