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async function GetManufacturerDetails(
  manufacturer: string | number,
  doFetch?: boolean
): Promise<NhtsaResponse<GetManufacturerDetailsResults> | string>

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GetManufacturerDetails provides the details for a specific manufacturer that is requested. Multiple results are returned in case of multiple matches.

manufacturer name can be a partial name, or a full name for more specificity, e.g. "988", "honda", "HONDA OF CANADA MFG., INC.", etc.

  • If supplied manufacturer is a number - method will do exact match on Manufacturer's Id.
  • If supplied manufacturer is a string - it will look for manufacturers whose name is LIKE the provided name. It accepts a partial manufacturer name as an input.


NameTypeDefault valueDescription
manufacturerstring | numberundefinedManufacturer Name or ID
doFetch?booleantrueWhether to fetch the data or just return the URL (default: true)


Set doFetch to false if you want to fetch the data yourself.


Returns a Promise that resolves to a NhtsaResponse object containing an array of GetManufacturerDetailsResults objects in the Results key.

=> Promise<NhtsaResponse<GetManufacturerDetailsResults>>
type NhtsaResponse<GetManufacturerDetailsResults> = {
  Count: number
  Message: string
  Results: Array<GetManufacturerDetailsResults>
  SearchCriteria: string
🔍 Click to Show Full Example Response
// Using GetMakesForVehicleType('truck') - truncated for brevity
const exampleResponse = {
  Count: 1,
  Message: 'Response returned successfully',
  Results: [
      Address: '1 Tesla Road',
      Address2: null,
      City: 'Austin',
      ContactEmail: '',
      ContactFax: null,
      ContactPhone: '(508)272-8358',
      Country: 'UNITED STATES (USA)',
      DBAs: 'Tesla, Inc.',
      EquipmentItems: [],
      LastUpdated: '/Date(1665153455790-0400)/',
      ManufacturerTypes: [
          Name: 'Completed Vehicle Manufacturer',
      Mfr_CommonName: 'Tesla',
      Mfr_ID: 955,
      Mfr_Name: 'TESLA, INC.',
      OtherManufacturerDetails: null,
      PostalCode: '78725',
      PrimaryProduct: null,
      PrincipalFirstName: 'Elon Musk',
      PrincipalLastName: null,
      PrincipalPosition: 'CEO',
      StateProvince: 'TEXAS',
      SubmittedName: 'David Kim',
      SubmittedOn: '/Date(1665152176543-0400)/',
      SubmittedPosition: 'Corporate Counsel, Regulatory',
      VehicleTypes: [
          GVWRFrom: 'Class 1A: 3,000 lb or less (1,360 kg or less)',
          GVWRTo: 'Class 1D: 5,001 - 6,000 lb (2,268 - 2,722 kg)',
          IsPrimary: true,
          Name: 'Passenger Car',
          GVWRFrom: 'Class 8: 33,001 lb and above (14,969 kg and above)',
          GVWRTo: 'Class 8: 33,001 lb and above (14,969 kg and above)',
          IsPrimary: false,
          Name: 'Truck ',
          GVWRFrom: 'Class 2E: 6,001 - 7,000 lb (2,722 - 3,175 kg)',
          GVWRTo: 'Class 2E: 6,001 - 7,000 lb (2,722 - 3,175 kg)',
          IsPrimary: false,
          Name: 'Multipurpose Passenger Vehicle (MPV)',
  SearchCriteria: null,

If doFetch is set to false

Returns a URL string that can be used to fetch the data, does not fetch the data internally.

=> Promise<string>

// ex: => ''

Type - GetManufacturerDetailsResults

type GetManufacturerDetailsResults = {
  Address: string | null
  Address2: string | null
  City: string | null
  ContactEmail: string | null
  ContactFax: string | null
  ContactPhone: string | null
  Country: string | null
  DBAs: string | null
  EquipmentItems: Array<unknown>
  LastUpdated: string
  ManufacturerTypes: Array<{
    Name: string
  Mfr_CommonName: string | null
  Mfr_ID: number | null
  Mfr_Name: string | null
  OtherManufacturerDetails: string | null
  PostalCode: string | null
  PrimaryProduct: string | null
  PrincipalFirstName: string | null
  PrincipalLastName: string | null
  PrincipalPosition: string | null
  StateProvince: string | null
  SubmittedName: string | null
  SubmittedOn: string
  SubmittedPosition: string | null
  VehicleTypes: Array<{
    GVWRFrom: string
    GVWRTo: string
    IsPrimary: boolean
    Name: string

Ƭ GetManufacturerDetailsResults: Object

Objects returned in the Results array of GetManufacturerDetails endpoint response.


Examples 1-2:

  • Fetches data from VPIC API

  • Returns:

=> Promise<NhtsaResponse<GetManufacturerDetailsResults>>

Example 1: Get Manufacturer Details by Name

import { GetManufacturerDetails } from '@shaggytools/nhtsa-api-wrapper'

const response = await GetManufacturerDetails('tesla')

Example 2: Get Manufacturer Details by ID

import { GetManufacturerDetails } from '@shaggytools/nhtsa-api-wrapper'

const response = await GetManufacturerDetails(955)

Examples 3-4:

=> Promise<string>

Example 3: Get Manufacturer Details by Name and doFetch = false

import { GetManufacturerDetails } from '@shaggytools/nhtsa-api-wrapper'

const url = await GetManufacturerDetails('tesla', false)

// url: ''

Example 4: Get Manufacturer Details by ID and doFetch = false

import { GetManufacturerDetails } from '@shaggytools/nhtsa-api-wrapper'

const url = await GetManufacturerDetails(955, false)

// url: ''

Released under the MIT License.